Arctic Drinkware

Aesthetic double walled tumblers in a 250ml coffee cup and a 425ml pilsner.

Customise using your brand! Drinkware that keeps your drinks hotter and cooler - for longer, making them perfect for outdoor settings
Made in Australia, BPA free containing drink ware made from recycled material.

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Heavy duty bulk water bottles.

Our reliable brand Aquatek has helped in supplying fresh drinking water to homes and workplaces for over 30 years.
The classic, durable Australian made design is available in 11L, 15L, 19L volumes with water well accessories including lids, taps and stands.

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Innovative Australian made 100% recycled plastic products.

Always working on research and development with our clients to develop new products, including fluid delivery technologies and integrated commercial vehicle systems.
Together we can make quality recycled products for the future.

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