Vector Technologies Graduate Program

Are you a creative thinker, genuinely driven by curiosity, innovation and ingenuity?

Vector Technologies offer unique product and process development opportunities, and is always looking for motivated
team players who share a passion for designing the impossible and implementing advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Our program’s agile approach enables engineering graduates to thrive through targeted tech-skillset development plans and fosters business-skill growth through introductions to global supply chain partners.


  • Flexible program duration dependant on employee ability, resource availability and project workload
  • Usual program training outcomes over 18 months

Management & Supervision

  • Mentoring with senior engineers and managers.
  • Continued monitoring throughout rotation of the various departments and work centres.


  • Good understanding of the current Vector Technologies systems and processes.
  • Working knowledge of current product range
  • Be familiar with product design, gateways and project management

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