Greg West
Greg West
Chief Executive Officer

Greg is focused on delivering and maximizing a company’s value to its shareholders. Greg’s vast experience is shown through the successful creation and leadership of high performance companies.

Driven by a desire to challenge himself and his team, Greg has pioneered many global firsts at both proprietary and customer product levels. Having owned and run manufacturing businesses for over three decades, Greg brings a wealth of experience to the Vector Technologies Group 

His broad knowledge of the group’s operations help to constantly formulate new strategies that lead the Executive Team.

Simon Morton
Simon Morton
Chief Business Officer

As Chief Business Officer, Simon is responsible for transforming the business into a lean, structured, innovative and globally competitive organisation.

Simon is a motivated transformation executive using the broad range of skills that he has garnered from his extensive business experience working with a diverse list of global companies.

Throughout the past decade, Simon has been pivotal in generating unprecedented growth in the company. His strategies focus on using the strength and culture of the Vector Group to align with specific customer needs.

David McDonough
David McDonough
Chief Financial Officer

David is a seasoned finance executive with substantial international manufacturing experience spanning acquisition, general management and growth. 

As Chief Finance Officer, David is responsible for creating and overseeing the group’s financial strategy, corporate governance, managing risk and compliance.

Using his skills and experience as an engineer, David has played an integral role in establishing several global enterprises over the last four decades. He is an Alumni of the London Business School and is passionate about finance and entrepreneurship.

Tim Blatch
Tim Blatch
Operations Manager, Australia

Tim has over 20 years’ experience in high-volume global supply chain, logistics and production management. 

As Operations Manager of the group’s Australian facilities, Tim takes great pride in building strong teams and ensuring customer satisfaction at the highest level through consistent project quality.

Motivated to achieve sustainable growth, Tim utilises his financial credentials and manufacturing experience to drive a profitable operational focus for the group.

Eugene Madrigal
Eugene Madrigal
Operations Manager, Thailand

Eugene has over 15 years’ experience in advanced automation and manufacturing management from a wide range of global businesses.

As Operations Manager of the group’s Thailand facilities, Eugene is responsible for developing world leading manufacturing capabilities and continuously improving operational efficiencies.

With extensive experience in automation engineering, Eugene has been instrumental in helping the group achieve ambitious production targets.

Amirtha Chetlur
Amirtha Chetlur
Global Quality Manager

Amirtha has over 20 years’ experience in quality assurance and business improvement and is passionate about focused compliance and achieving holistic organisational outcomes.

Being Black-Belt certified in lean six sigma, Amirtha has played a major role in internalising the voice of the customer and has been instrumental in developing a QMS for a diverse set of regulatory standards.

Through the implementation of vigorous systems, process improvements and structured validation methodologies, Amirtha instils a culture of quality.

Simon Orme
Simon Orme
Engineering & Innovation Manager

Simon has over 25 years’ experience in designing and bringing to market complex mechatronics products for some of the world’s leading companies.

As Engineering and Innovation Manager, Simon works with a team of talented engineers to translate a diverse range of customer goals into commercially viable products.

Through his passion for innovation, Simon has patented numerous designs and implemented these designs into a broad range of products across the medical and automotive sectors.

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